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Books for only 99 cents each!

Just in time for Christmas, I'm marking down my entire backlist -- two dozen books -- to 99 cents each on Kindle.

The sale applies to everything I published before 2014, including LONELY STREET, the Bubba Mabry debut that was made into a Hollywood movie. All the Bubba stories -- seven novels and two novellas -- are only 99 cents each now, as are the two Drew Gavin sportswriter mysteries and such standalone crime novels as A BOX OF PANDORAS, THE BIG WINK and FIREPOWER.

The sale doesn't apply to SHOTGUN BOOGIE and HOMESICK BLUES, the two brand-new Jackie Nolan novels. Those remain $2.99 each. And the three DUKE CITY novels I wrote under the pen name Max Austin remain $3.99, a price set by the publisher.

But you can enjoy the rest for only 99 cents each if you're a Kindle user. If you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow the books for free.

Because of the way the royalties are structured, I have to sell six times as many books at 99 cents to make the same as I would at $2.99. In the past, when I've experimented with the 99-cent price, sales have shot up enough to make up the difference. We'll see if that's the case when I put so many books on sale at once.

I want more readers and more reviews. If the 99-cent price point is the way to make that happen, then I'm all for it.

I hope you'll try my books during this sale. Or, if you're already a fan, fill in the gaps in your collection.

Happy holidays to all!


Jumping the gun

Psst. Hey. Yeah, you. Listen, I've got another new crime thriller coming out. Right now.

Yeah, yeah, I said earlier that HOMESICK BLUES would come out on Dec. 1. But things went smoother than expected with the publishing process (how often can one say that?), and the novel is already available at Amazon.

You can order the paperback here. Or pre-order the Kindle version here, and get it automatically deposited into your reader on Nov. 30, which has become the "official" publication date.

HOMESICK BLUES is the second novel featuring Jackie Nolan, a tough, truck-driving woman who gets mixed up in crime to solve her family's money problems. In the first novel, SHOTGUN BOOGIE, Jackie faced a tough decision when she discovered she was sitting on a cache of stolen Army guns. Lots of bad people were after those guns, and one of them returns in the sequel, still trying to even the score with Jackie.

In HOMESICK BLUES, Jackie is returning to Albuquerque two years later when she stumbles upon a car burning on the side of the highway. The driver is dead, so Jackie tries to adopt her identity, only to learn that the dead woman was in plenty of trouble herself. Soon, Jackie's on the run in her own hometown, bad men on her trail.

Both of these Jackie Nolan thrillers are tight, fast-paced stories with lots of action. I think you'll like them.


Hot new cover art

Here's a sneak peek at the cover art for my second Jackie Nolan crime novel, HOMESICK BLUES. Looks great, doesn't it?

The cover was designed by Albuquerque artist Denise Weaver Ross. She also designed the cover for the first Jackie Nolan book, SHOTGUN BOOGIE, which is available at Amazon now.

In SHOTGUN BOOGIE, Jackie crosses some very bad people after she hijacks a semi truck full of stolen Army rifles.

In HOMESICK BLUES, Jackie is on her way back home to Albuquerque when she finds a car burning on the side of the highway. There's a purse nearby with an ID that Jackie could use to start a new life, but it brings her even more trouble.

Both of these novels are gritty, fast-paced and full of action. Jackie Nolan is tough and resourceful. A very fun character to write.

HOMESICK BLUES is scheduled to come out Dec. 1. But please try SHOTGUN BOOGIE today. I think you'll love it.


It's Pub Day!

Please join me in welcoming a new baby into the world. My latest crime novel, SHOTGUN BOOGIE, is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Taut and fast-paced, SHOTGUN BOOGIE is the debut of a new character, a thirtyish single woman named Jackie Nolan, who boosts semi trucks. Jackie struggles with the idea of being a criminal, and is lured into that life only because she's facing a mountain of debt.

When one of the trucks turns out to hold stolen Army munitions, Jackie is faced with a tough decision. She doesn't want the guns to get into the wrong hands. But a lot of bad people are after those guns, and they're willing to kill to get them.

I really enjoyed creating Jackie, a character with depth and grit. I've already written a sequel to SHOTGUN BOOGIE. That book, HOMESICK BLUES, will be out before Christmas.

Please help me spread the word about publication day for SHOTGUN BOOGIE. And please give Jackie a try. I think you'll like her.


Sneak peek at SHOTGUN BOOGIE

Here's the final cover art for my new crime novel, SHOTGUN BOOGIE, which comes out in October. Cool, no?

The cover design, by Albuquerque artist Denise Weaver Ross, fits the fast-paced story perfectly.

SHOTGUN BOOGIE is the tale of Jackie Nolan, who uses her truck-driving skills to get out of financial trouble. Stealing semis is risky, though, especially if you can't trust your partners. When Jackie stumbles upon a truckload of stolen Army weapons, her real trouble begins. Lots of bad men are after those guns.

It has a few light moments, but SHOTGUN BOOGIE isn't a crime comedy, like so many of my books. It's grittier than that, bloodier, more suspenseful. And Jackie proves to be a formidable heroine.

I liked Jackie so much, in fact, that I've already written a sequel. HOMESICK BLUES will come out before Christmas. Both books will be available as trade paperbacks and ebooks via Amazon.

The novel I'm revising now doesn't star Jackie. The protagonist of SIDE EYE is an 18-year-old boy just out of juvenile detention. He gets hired to drive around an aged mobster who's going blind. Expect to see SIDE EYE next summer.

I'm looking forward to this Saturday's Author Festival here in Albuquerque. Twenty-one authors, including me, will be signing books and giving talks all day at the Albuquerque Museum. Y'all come!

Happy reading!