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COLD CUTS now in paperback!

My new crime novel, COLD CUTS, was published this week in trade paperback. It's my 31st published book, and I'm very proud of the way it turned out.

The paperback sells on Amazon for $9.99. A $2.99 version will come out on Kindle by the end of the month.

The fast-paced novel was inspired by news reports about smugglers who specialize in Mexican bologna, which some consider a delicacy. The main character in COLD CUTS, a small-time crook named Lucky Flanagan, is recruited into a bologna smuggling ring. Things go terribly wrong, of course, resulting in some hilarious moments.

I'd like to thank award-winning authors Charlie Price, Bill Fitzhugh and Joseph Badal for the great blurbs on the back cover of COLD CUTS. I appreciate all of their support over the years.

Joe Badal says, "Only Steve Brewer could create a story based on contraband bologna." I think he meant that as a compliment.


COLD CUTS coming soon

I'm at that stage of the publishing process where I'm waiting for the printed proof to arrive in the mail. Earlier this week, I finished the final edits and formatting for my new crime novel, COLD CUTS, which will be available in trade paperback and Kindle versions by May 1.

COLD CUTS is a comic crime story about a low-level scammer, Lucky Flanagan, who gets mixed up with some guys who are smuggling Mexican bologna into the United States. Lucky is such an unlikely smuggler that he's perfect for the job. But there's a bigger scheme afoot, one that will end in violence.

Other characters in COLD CUTS include a butcher, a comic book nerd, two tattooed thugs known as the Badass Brothers, and a meat inspector who's a vegetarian. It's a fun novel, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

COLD CUTS will be my 31st published book, counting two Bubba Mabry novellas and three novels I wrote under the pen name Max Austin.

Meanwhile, another of my crime capers is on sale this week on Kindle for only 99 cents. BOOST follows Sam Hill, a professional car thief, as he challenges a vicious drug dealer in Albuquerque. Check it out here.


Cover art reveal!

Behold the cover art for my next crime novel, COLD CUTS, which is slated to come out May 1 in ebook and trade paperback.

COLD CUTS is a taut, funny story about low-level criminals who start smuggling bologna across the Mexican border.

That's right, bologna.

Certain bologna that's made south of the border is considered a delicacy, but it's against the law to bring it into the United States. A cult following has grown up around Mexican bologna, and customers will pay high prices to get their hands on it. Those are facts, and you can find news reports about smugglers getting busted with trunks full of bologna. Just the sort of jumping-off place I love.

Enter Lucky Flanagan, who is recruited to bring loads of bologna across the border, and a cast of hard-luck characters who aren't exactly what they seem. The stakes climb higher, until it all comes to a head during a crashing Albuquerque thunderstorm.

The cover was put together by my wife, Kelly, with me standing over her shoulder shouting suggestions the whole time. We've been married 34 years.

Here's what early readers are saying about COLD CUTS:

"Leaner than quality deli meat, COLD CUTS follows the whitest man in New Mexico, Lucky Flanagan, as he attempts to win back the love of his life by becoming a smuggler," says award-winning author Bill Fitzhugh.

Edgar Award-winning author Charlie Price says, "COLD CUTS adds another jewel to Steve Brewer's crown as the King of Crime Comedy."

I'll announce bookstore appearances, etc., as the publication date draws closer.

Happy reading!


Busy as a groundhog

That's not the way the saying goes, but it's nearly Groundhog Day (which is also my birthday), and it certainly is a busy time. I've got news of a public appearance, my current writing, and a Kindle bargain.

I'm looking forward to my speech Saturday (Feb. 3) at SouthWest Writers. I'm anticipating a big turnout because of the topic: "Nuts and Bolts: The Mechanics of Clear Writing." A nice refresher for all types of writing, this talk is based on the "Become a Better Writer" class I teach at the Honors College at the University of New Mexico. Details of the SWW talk are here.

I'm teaching the Honors seminar again this semester, and the second weekly class is later today. Sixteen students. They seem like a bright bunch.

My latest novel, a crime comedy called COLD CUTS, is with blurbers and beta readers now, and I'm getting great initial feedback. I'm still polishing the final manuscript, but it should be published in May via Amazon, in paperback and Kindle versions.

The Kindle edition of my comic caper FOOL'S PARADISE is currently on sale for only 99 cents. Set in Southern California, FOOL'S PARADISE centers on a bank heist and its aftermath. Check out this limited-time offer here. For those of you who have Kindle Unlimited, nearly all my books are available for free.

Hope your new year is off to a great start!


The Great Indoorsman

I'm not a big fan of snow, which is one reason I live in Albuquerque, where winters tend to be mild. But I like winter because it's a good time to stay indoors, writing and reading.

I know lots of you are seeing deep-freeze temperatures and snow and ice, and I recommend that you stay inside and read my crime novel BANK JOB, currently on sale on Kindle for 99 cents. BANK JOB is in development in Hollywood, and I think it'll make a great movie.

I've been staying busy with the revisions on COLD CUTS, my next crime comedy, which is about people smuggling bologna across the Mexican border. Look for it to be published via Amazon in May.

I'll venture out of the house next week when I start teaching my "Become a Better Writer" class in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico. The class, which I've been teaching for 10 semesters, also forms the basis for a talk I'm giving next month at SouthWest Writers.

On Feb. 3, I'll speak on "Nuts and Bolts: The Mechanics of Good Writing." See details at the SWW website here. Should be fun!