You're doing it wrong

Tip for aspiring criminals: If you're driving drunk and the police chase you, the last place you want to lead them is to your illegal marijuana grow house.

Easy to forget such a simple lesson when is one is full of booze. Just ask Charles Byrd, 23, of Gwinnett County, GA, who allegedly broke many traffic laws (including driving in the dark without headlights) while trying to evade police. He surrendered after briefly hiding inside a house where officers found 69 marijuana plants.

Also in the house: Byrd's alleged growing partner, who must be one unhappy camper.

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MWA anthology available now

"Crimes by Moonlight: Mysteries from the Dark Side," an all-original short story anthology from the Mystery Writers of America, debuted this week.

The anthology includes my story "Limbo," one of 10 picked by a committee in a blind submissions process.

The collection was edited by my pal Charlaine Harris of "True Blood" fame. Charlaine also contributes a new story to the 20-story anthology.

Amazon.com is running a sale on this brand-new hardcover. Here's the link.


You're doing it wrong

Tip for aspiring prosecutors: Before filing charges against a man in a jewel heist, it's a good idea to check out his alibi, especially if he says he was in prison at the time of the crime.

They keep good records of such things in prisons.

Charges against Tyrone Payne have been dropped after prosecutors in Massachusetts confirmed that he was in prison in Ohio at the time of the Oct. 18 theft.

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Bang! Bang!

That sound you hear is the Republican National Committee shooting itself in both feet.

On the (round) heels of the scandal surrounding a visit by GOP officials to a bondage club, now comes word that an RNC mailing mistakenly lists a phone number that leads to a sex-talk line.

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