Big-name blurb

My pal Charlaine Harris, best-selling author of the books that inspired "True Blood," has given a great blurb to my next Max Austin crime novel, DUKE CITY DESPERADO.

Duke City Desperado is more fun than a barrel of heavily medicated monkeys," she writes. "The crime caper novel is not dead, but in the capable hands of Max Austin it takes on a whole new twist. Two inept criminals equal one good time for the reader.”

That's the kind of blurb authors dream of. I've already thanked Charlaine a couple of times, but I'll say thanks again here publicly. Charlaine is one of the greats of mystery fiction, and she's a warm, charitable person besides. You should all go buy her new book, DAY SHIFT, which comes out soon.

DUKE CITY DESPERADO has also received wonderful blurbs from two other terrific authors, Bill Fitzhugh and Charlie Price. Go here to see what they had to say about this new comic thriller.

Publication date for DUKE CITY DESPERADO is June 9, but it's available for preorder now everywhere e-books are sold. Only $2.99!