Big laughs, low price

I can't believe I forgot to blog about my latest offering, an e-book "boxed set" of five comic crime novels called DIE LAUGHING. The set, which includes my heist novel LOST VEGAS, is only 99 cents on Amazon.

The set includes novels by Bill Fitzhugh, Parnell Hall, Paul Levine and Ben Rehder, who spearheaded this little side project. You can see the titles on this shot of the cover art that I clipped from Amazon. (Don't try to "look inside" here. Click on the title above for details.)

The boxed set is one of the many experiments authors are trying to get readers' attention in the midst of the e-book boom. So far, this one has sold pretty well, and I hope it will get more people interested in my books. The set is available until Sept. 30, though the books will still be available separately.

Meanwhile, the publication date for DUKE CITY HIT grows ever closer. The novel, second in the series I'm writing as Max Austin, will be published Dec. 16, but it's available for pre-order now.

The first one, DUKE CITY SPLIT, has received good reviews. The novels are set in Albuquerque's underworld, and form a loose trilogy of crime thrillers. I'm writing one now that would be the fourth in the series.

Hope you all had a good summer. I taught my first writing class of the semester this week at the University of New Mexico's Honors College, and we're having a few unseasonably cool days here in Albuquerque. Feels like autumn is just around the corner.