Jumping the gun

Psst. Hey. Yeah, you. Listen, I've got another new crime thriller coming out. Right now.

Yeah, yeah, I said earlier that HOMESICK BLUES would come out on Dec. 1. But things went smoother than expected with the publishing process (how often can one say that?), and the novel is already available at Amazon.

You can order the paperback here. Or pre-order the Kindle version here, and get it automatically deposited into your reader on Nov. 30, which has become the "official" publication date.

HOMESICK BLUES is the second novel featuring Jackie Nolan, a tough, truck-driving woman who gets mixed up in crime to solve her family's money problems. In the first novel, SHOTGUN BOOGIE, Jackie faced a tough decision when she discovered she was sitting on a cache of stolen Army guns. Lots of bad people were after those guns, and one of them returns in the sequel, still trying to even the score with Jackie.

In HOMESICK BLUES, Jackie is returning to Albuquerque two years later when she stumbles upon a car burning on the side of the highway. The driver is dead, so Jackie tries to adopt her identity, only to learn that the dead woman was in plenty of trouble herself. Soon, Jackie's on the run in her own hometown, bad men on her trail.

Both of these Jackie Nolan thrillers are tight, fast-paced stories with lots of action. I think you'll like them.