No exit

Today's crime tips: When knocking over a betting establishment, make sure you're tougher than the two women working there. And have your getaway planned in advance.

A 28-year-old man in Leeds, Great Britain, found out the hard way that he wasn't cut out to be a strongarm robber. He burst into the betting shop and wrestled with the woman behind the counter, as money spilled everywhere. Another employee pounced on him, and he soon realized he was losing the battle. He tried to sprint out the front door, but it had locked automatically. He bashed a stool against the door, but the door wouldn't break.

Then he tried the fire exit, but it was locked. The key was in the lock, but he was in too big a hurry to notice as the women still pursued him. He tried another door, and found himself in a storeroom. The women locked him inside.

Extra points: The robber tried to escape the storeroom by kicking a hole in the roof.

Double extra points: One of the clerks realized what he was doing, climbed up onto the roof and clobbered him with a baseball bat when he poked his head through.

Full story here.

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