Kindle inroads

Continuing work on my nascent Kindle empire, I've now e-published the book that started it all: "Lonely Street."

My first novel introduced hapless private eye Bubba Mabry, who's hired by what appears to be the living Elvis. The King's not ready to come out of hiding (yet), but tabloid reporters are hot on his trail.
"Lonely Street" also was the basis for the movie that's now available on DVD.
This is the third book I've published so far for Kindle apps, and I've got more (including at least one e-book-only thriller) coming soon.
You can see my Kindle offerings (and my actual paper books as well) by clicking here.

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Weaver Ross Art Blog said...

Very cool--I'll download it. I've become a e-book convert, since I can order almost any book I want at 3 a.m. Although it's a bit dangerous for an avid reader.