A career "Boost"

The paperwork isn't wrapped up yet, so I can't reveal details, but I can say that my 2004 crime novel "Boost" has just been optioned by Hollywood for possible film/TV production.

"Boost" is the story of Sam Hill, a professional car thief who gets set up by a drug dealer. Sam sorts that out, then it's payback time.
Speck Press, which published the hardcover and trade paperback, has also made "Boost" available as an e-book via Nook, etc., for $9.99.

Thanks to everyone who's purchased my new e-book thriller, "Firepower," or one of the backlist books I've made available as e-books. They've been quite the success so far. More e-books from the Bubba Mabry series are coming soon.


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Eric Beetner said...

Excellent! I love Boost. Hey, if the movie/show needs and editor, I've got my resume handy.

Erin said...

Wow! Great news - congratulations!

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frankz said...

Yup, will be an exciting film (in the right directorial hands).

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS: GREAT JOB; looking forward to reading it;Selma