Settling in

Back online after a week away for moving and unpacking and getting a new DSL hookup.

Kel and I love our new place in Santa Cruz. Each day, we've taken breaks from unpacking to explore the neighborhood. Some wonderful cafes and the beaches are great, but my favorite part is sunset on the rocky points that jut into Monterey Bay.

Nice view from up on the points. The other day, we spotted a pod of whales and a couple of sea otters, along with the usual gulls and pelicans and surfers.


Bill Crider said...

Sound like a tough life!

Life without Clots said...

Enjoy it...Get the bugs out...Then all your friends (even the ones you don't know) will drop by...you know, just to say "Hi"

Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely wonderful;you two deserve this; enjoy. selma