Please judge this book by its cover

Check out the terrific cover art for my soon-to-be-released crime novel, THE BIG WINK.

THE BIG WINK is my look at the medical marijuana movement. Set on the fringes of the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, the novel features a gang of misfit armed robbers who are knocking over cannabis dispensaries. When a local banker is shot during one of the robberies, the law can't look the other way anymore. The cops turn up the heat.

THE BIG WINK is the third in a trio of standalone novels set in and around Redding, CA; the others are BANK JOB and the recent hit CALABAMA. I poke a lot of fun at the "Ozarks of California," but the community reaction to the medical marijuana boom in my novel reflects what's really been happening across the country.

As for that brilliant cover art, it's designed by my wife Kelly Brewer, who's done several of my e-book covers. I think this one is her best yet.

Expect to see THE BIG WINK on Kindle and Smashwords by the end of the week. Don't worry, I'll let you know as soon as it's available. ;-)


clitav said...

As a medical Marijuana Patient I stand on a line right down the middle of what is a hell of a mess! I will be awaiting the opportunity to get a take on the "Green World" from this slant! :)

Life without Clots said...

but... but... 1. Where's the cover, and 2. I haven't finished Calabama yet.

Steve Brewer said...

Larry: You should be able to see the "jar" cover art right here on the blog. If not, try refreshing. As for finishing Calabama, I'd suggest you read faster. ;-)

frankz said...

Fun Cover. Great graphic arts gal you got there.