You're doing it wrong

Note to aspiring bank robbers: If you insist on stuffing the loot into your pants, first make sure that the money doesn't include an exploding dye pack.

Police in Houston say a man robbed a Wachovia Bank last week, telling the teller he had a gun. Once the money was in hand, the robber stuffed it into the front of his pants and fled.

A short time later, police arrested Daniel Duran, who suffered second-degree burns to his "genital area" when the dye pack exploded. Oooch.

Full story here.


Darcie said...

Gives new meaning to blue b... never mind.

Duane Langshaw said...
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Duane Langshaw said...

My daughter lives and Houston and I received a tweet in regards to this story as it played out. If our banks used the same tactics, we would have a string of red____...well not handed but you would know which was the robber.

I ID'ed the NVB robber here a few months back. It turns out he had created a reputation pulling off 12 previous robberies thourghout the state till the day he parked his getaway car on my street LOL