This is a robb-- Oof! Ow!

Today's tip for aspiring criminals: If you're planning to break into a house, choose one that's not occupied by a retired boxer.

A 23-year-old British man learned this lesson the hard way. Authorities in Oxford, England, say Gregory McCalium was armed with a knife when he entered the house of 72-year-old Frank Corti and his wife Margaret.

Corti dodged the knife and punched McCalium twice in the face, knocking him down, then held him until the police arrived.

The judge who sentenced McCalium to more than four years in prison said he got what he deserved for trying to prey on the elderly.

Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

Caught that story too. Boy, two punches and that punk looked like he'd been trampled. Good on the gent.