Happy new story!

Let's start 2013 with a bang.

I've just published a new hard-boiled short story, available through Kindle, Smashwords and other e-book sellers. It's called YVONNE'S GONE, and it's a nasty piece of business, full of jealousy and betrayal and murder.

You can read more about this 99-cent short story by clicking here. The brilliant cover art is by Kelly Brewer.

For me, the story of 2012 was the expansion of our E-Book Empire. Over the past two years, Kelly and I have made a cottage industry out of indie publishing. Thanks to e-books, we can now publish books nearly as fast as I can write them.

In 2012, we published a Bubba Mabry novella (PARTY DOLL), a comic mystery novel (A BOX OF PANDORAS), and three short stories, counting YVONNE'S GONE, which launched on Dec. 31. For full descriptions of those stories (and all my books), go to www.stevebrewer.us.com.

As 2012 wrapped up, we tried something new. A BOX OF PANDORAS, which came out as an e-book in June, soon will be available as a trade paperback. We've been learning Amazon's print-on-demand service, CreateSpace, and PANDORAS is going through its final proofing now.  In the coming months, we'll publish my other e-book exclusives (CALABAMA, LOST VEGAS, THE BIG WINK and FIREPOWER) this way, too. Paperback versions of the books will be available through Amazon, and I'll have copies to sell/display at events like next spring's Southwest Book Fiesta in Albuquerque.

I'm taking it easy today, but the rest of January promises to be crazy busy. Not only am I spending a few hours a day on the paperback project, but I'm starting the first draft of a new novel called DEADPAN. Plus, my new writing class in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico starts Jan. 14. Whee!

We wish you happiness, prosperity and good reading in 2013!

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I love Kelly's covers.