"Paradise" in paperback

A hilarious heist novel -- one of my personal favorites -- is now available in trade paperback. The new version of FOOL'S PARADISE can be purchased at Amazon. Click here to see more.

FOOL'S PARADISE originally was published by University of New Mexico Press in 2003. It was one of three books of mine that came out that year (the others being BULLETS and TROPHY HUSBAND), and it sort of got lost in the shuffle.

I got the rights back and published an e-book version last year, and now we've published the new paperback version with a great cover by Kelly Brewer.

FOOL'S PARADISE is a very funny crime novel set mostly in Coronado, CA, one of our favorite vacation spots. Five strangers come together to rob a bank there, even though there are limited routes off the "island" of Coronado. Things go wrong, naturally.

Please give the new version a try. As with the other paperbacks we've published recently, the book features large type and lots of white space, which makes for easy reading. And the laugh-out-loud plot will keep you turning pages.

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