You're doing it wrong

Advice to aspiring bank robbers: When you flee with the loot, make sure a bank employee isn't following you to see the getaway vehicle and write down its license plate number.

Thomas Feeney, 47, was arrested 11 minutes after he allegedly robbed a Roslyn Savings Bank on Long Island, NY, because the bank employee telephoned the auto info back to the bank, where officers had just arrived. Feeney had left his getaway car in a nearby parking lot, but apparently didn't look back to see he was being followed.

Extra points: Feeney is a retired sergeant in the New York Police Department.

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Duane Langshaw said...

Proof we do not pay those who protect us enough but retired at age 47? Guess this is all part of his retirement scheme...now he gets free housing room and board and if in Shasta County he would get lots of free benefits and perks. Not sure about the pink tutu though.