First line fun

We've been talking about the importance of catchy opening lines, but I omitted the one from my personal favorite of all my books, BULLETS:

"Some people are ridiculously easy to kill."

Next thing I've got coming out in bookstores is a short story in the new Mystery Writers of America anthology, "Crimes by Moonlight," edited by Charlaine Harris. Each mystery in the anthology, which hits stores in April, has a supernatural element. My story is called "Limbo," and the opening line is: "I snapped awake on a cold autopsy table."

Got more?


Philbert said...

From my upcoming "Collection of Excerpts" from which this excerpt was excerpted:
"Breakfast had been long over before he realized, hey, that was no raisin."

By the way, the security word here is "ditfulp" - which I now have dibs on.

Anonymous said...

Great line Steve! Can't wait to read the story.