More openers

Some other writers and I have been discussing which opening lines make us most proud. Here's a few more from my books:

From MONKEY MAN: "Nothing interrupts a nice chat like the arrival of a gorilla."

From FOOL'S PARADISE: "John Ray Mooney was dressed all wrong for a bank robber."

And I still like this one, though it seems a little overwritten now. From 2001's CRAZY LOVE: "Jealousy sits inside us all, a poisonous little package of possession, wrapped up in our insecurities and bound by need and fear."

What are some of your favorite openers?


Ivan Toblog said...

"She wore nothing but white cotton panties."

Steve said...

Hey. I didn't mean more of MY opening lines. Ones from other authors . . .

Hal Johnson said...

I know, my offering is more than one line. So I'm sorry already. "Reunions are funny. You go to see how everyone else turned out, and instead come away thinking how the years have changed you."

Aw heck, that came from a book by a guy named Brewer. So I'm sorry already.

IT said...

My wife gave me this big stack of books that some homeless guy was selling at the mall. They're the only ones whose lines I can remember.
Oh... wait! They're signed copies.

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