A dirty business

I go into the bathroom and my wife's in there, dressed in her flannel pajamas with the cats on them. Plants sit around her. She's at the sink, dunking what looks like a plastic bag full of mud.

Me: Whatcha doing, hon?
Her: Warming this sphagnum moss.
Me: Oh.
Her: Why? What does it look like I'm doing?
Me: Never mind.


Kelly said...

Wait 'til I tell EVERYBODY what you sleep in...


She's more concerned about her jammies than about being caught drowning sphagnum.

Mr. Jinks, Swing Sales & Marriage Counselor said...

You sound like a couple in need of a good counseling (not to mention a nice bedclothes catalog).
Here's my card, trust me, I've helped people nearly as twisted as you get back into the swing of happy and healthy lives.

Anonymous said...

I haven't snarfed this hard in weeks. Thanks Steve! (Kel, I expect a folo on hollyhock.)