Getting lit

We went to our first Redding Lighted Christmas Parade last night, and were stunned, both by the work that people put into the colorful floats and by the huge turnout. Well over 100 floats, marching bands and groups participated in the parade and it was quite a show.

We parked near the intersection where the parade route begins, and the crowd was so thick that it was difficult for the shorter people to see everything. Fortunately, that intersection was only a couple of blocks away from the terrific new restaurant Tapas Downtown, and we merrily trotted over there. We were well into our meal (and a bottle of Argentine merlot) by the time the parade ended.

Best line of the night, as a speedboat club towed their decorated boats down the street, revving the super-loud engines: "Nothing says Merry Christmas like the internal combustion engine."

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