Unceremoniously dumped

My last Home Front column ran today in the Record-Searchlight. I was told just before Christmas that the newspaper would drop the column for budgetary reasons.

Budget must be really tight at the R-S if they can't afford a weekly freelance column. Earlier, I lost my "in" at Scripps Howard News Service when the Albuquerque Tribune went under. Tough year for newspapers.

While glad to be out of an industry in decline, I'm a little nostalgic about what may be my last byline in a newspaper. I entered the biz in 1975, and journalism has played a big role in my life.

But I'm not really going anywhere. I'm right here online. And bigger things are in the works. Stay tuned.


Celeste White said...

Hey, Steve--

Very sorry to hear that the RS will be losing its most talented columnist. Thank goodness YOU'RE not going anywhere! Those of us who need our regular Steve Brewer fix are thankful for the Internet and the fact that your twisted mind is so prolific :)

Print media IS in big trouble and not just newspapers. I was reading about Black Wednesday in the book publishing industry, December 3, where tons of employees got laid off, including some legendary editors who edited some of the most famous names in 20th century literature. The venerable Doubleday no longer exists. For some reason, that really got to me. Talk about nostalgic.

At any rate, those of us who love the written word - and judging by the number of blogs that keep springing up, there are a LOT of us - will just have to find new outlets. Content isn't going to die, I feel certain. But it will come in different packaging in the 21st century.

Thanks for all the great content, Steve. Thanks for keeping it coming in whatever form it takes :)

Life without Clots said...

Hey Big Guy...
Earlier this month you mentioned that the RS was the last paper where Home Front was running. I really didn't expect it to end. I mean, you work for peanuts as is. Oh, wait, that is Mr. Jinks at FFT:ANC.
BTW, how did you like SLO and surrounding environs?

Erin said...

Hi, Steve -
I'm certain that you'll be moving on to bigger and better things - and taking your lucky readers with you.
Wishing you a New Year filled with new projects, grand inspiration and the occasional Triple Word score.

Philbert said...

Steve, your stuff is too good for those heathens. Better you save that creativity for heathens like us. Thank you for being a bright spot on the web.

Hal Johnson said...

I'll miss seeing your column in the RS, Steve. I don't understand what management at that paper has been thinking.