'Lonely Street' trailer

A promotional trailer for the movie based on my book "Lonely Street" has hit YouTube, and the Crimespree Cinema website has it here.

The movie screens in early November for American Film Market in Los Angeles. AFM is the place where distributors, both foreign and domestic, see what's available among independent films. Fingers crossed.

I like the trailer a lot. Hope you do, too.


Anonymous said...

Mom sent me a copy of the promo poster. I printed it and put it on my door at work. I'm trying to wrangle a bidding war on behalf of the Newsroom Producers Investment Group, (NewPIG) but you know how much funding is flowing in newsrooms these days.
It'll do great in L.A. I know it.

Harry Ames, Jr. said...

The trailer is great. We're looking for Boffo Box Office. That's what we insiders call it when popcorn and Milk Duds sales spike, and by the looks of it this movie will have 'em the lobby for at least an hour and a half!

(Despite my snarky remarks (I'm bitter about having my one scene cut)I can't tell you how proud and happy we all are for you. Can't wait for the Redding Premeire!)