The Corner Booth

I'm the new local columnist at www.anewscafe.com, joining Kelly, Doni, Bruce and our other pals in producing far Northern California's best webzine. After three decades in the newspaper business, where every year we were told the ship was sinking, it's nice to be somewhere with a future.

Check out my new column, The Corner Booth, here.

The Home Front blog continues, of course. I'm addicted to it, and spend way too much time snickering over old columns and new wisecracks.

My wife got me this local columnist job so I'd get out of the house more. Look for me at a cafe near you.

PS: They were right about the ship.


ThomG said...

Just make sure you brush the crumbs off your bathrobe before heading out to the cafe. Just a tip from your Uncle T.

Life without Clots said...

Sinking??? Like the ship that has sailed, dead-tree ships have already sank.