On the down low

Today's tip for criminals: If you're setting up a meth lab, perhaps the basement of a funeral home is not the best place. Especially if the funeral home is next door to the sheriff's department.

Okay, if you insist on setting up a meth lab in the basement of a funeral home next door to the sheriff's department, could you at least lock the doors when you leave? And, um, could you not leave on all the lights in the basement? See, a deputy might get bored and go poking around to see why the lights are on and stumble over the meth lab.

Then where would you be? In jail, that's where. Just like Robert Lee Lewis, 43, of Walnut Ridge, AR. Full story here.


Donna said...

Oh I DO hope I'm going to see that in one of your books some time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be really funny. Except maybe no one would believe anyone was that dumb?