If you love me, you'll read me

Okay, this isn't quite that pathetic, but close. Just a reminder that we're having big fun over at Food for Thought: A News Cafe, where my new column The Corner Booth is updated daily. Today's is pretty funny, I think. Click here to see it.

If you are reading this on the Bloggers section of Food for Thought: A News Cafe, then I'm that distinguished bearded man to your left. (Not the funny-looking cartoonist.)


Pink Hollyhock said...

Dude. That's my line.


You forgot to say 'dibs.'

Philbert said...

Funny looking? Well, at least something is funny on A News Cafe.com.

Life without Clots said...

Hey Steve:
You have fun anywhere; the fun is where you are; where you are is fun; drat, running out of cute rephrases.