Dain bramage

Last night, I whammed my head so hard that I went reeling, bounced off my van and fell to the pavement. I was stepping up onto a sidewalk at a little shopping center and cracked my head against a thick wooden sign that jutted down from the eaves. Completely dark, of course, so I didn't even know the sign was there and was caught totally unawares.

It was so sudden. I fell backward off the curb onto the hood of my van, clutching my head. Then, because I apparently wasn't hurt enough, I hurled myself to the gritty asphalt so I could collect strawberries on my knees.

I'm okay today, I think, though my wife keeps shining flashlights in my eyes. I've got a knot on my head and a sore neck and that all-over shocky-stiff feeling you get the day after a car wreck.

I'd just been telling my mom earlier in the day how I'd whipped the last of my niggling health complaints (three successive colds, wrenched back, wrenched knee, pulled tooth), and was feeling great for a change. So, naturally, I go out and walk headfirst into some lumber.


Anonymous said...

As your wife remarked, "thank goodness it was his head."

Patty said...

Ah, the perils of being tall. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeowtch! And I thought I dinged myself up good trying to learn how to ice-skate the other day.

Note to self: 38 is not a good age to learn to ice-skate.

Lou said...

What's with you blogger types? Didn't Philbert go arse-over-appetite just the other day?

Maybe time to embrace the wonderful world of the Rascal mobility scooter :)

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't trip and fall (on the cement) because your dog suddenly lunged in front of you and then stopped. P.S. At least I entertained the neighbors!