Losing my grip

How come when I'm having back problems, and it hurts to bend over, I spend all day dropping stuff? Seems like all I do is creak over and pick up whatever gravity has snatched from my grasp. Is it just a matter of me noticing it more? Do I go around picking up stuff all day long when my back isn't hurting? No wonder I have back problems.

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Celeste White said...

Unfortunately, you're experiencing The Law of the Injured Part. This law states that whenever you've injured a body part, it becomes a magnet and a generator for more injuries. For example, if you break your toe, you might notice that all of a sudden, not only are people and dogs stomping on that particular toe with a frequency that makes you wonder if they've become demonically possessed, the toe itself will be attracted to door jambs, coffee table legs, and landscaping rocks. I'm very sorry, Steve. It may be that you need to see a witch doctor or something to break the cycle. Hope your back feels better soon!