Don't say 'swimmingly'

A Swiss daredevil is planning to cross the English Channel via his jet-powered wing.

Yves Rossy, 48, aka Rocket Man, took a 10-minute flight over Switzerland recently with the jet-powered wing strapped to his back. He was taken aloft in a small plane, and reportedly reached speeds of 180 mph while zooming through the skies. The English Channel feat is planned for September.

A UPI story shows that Rossy needs to hone his daredevil hype-speak.

"If there are no technical problems it's okay for the English Channel," he said. "I did the distance, everything is going swimmingly."

And then this:

"My flight will be a tribute to all those who came before me, many of whom were killed."

Extra points: First time ever that the words "Swiss" and "daredevil" were used in the same sentence.

Full story here.

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