Who says Canadians are boring, eh?

A Canadian man who'd been living under house arrest and going through rehab had what his attorney called a "flamboyant, flaming relapse" recently.

James Boppre, 39, went out late in his pickup truck, breaking his curfew. He got drunk and picked up a prostitute. He and the hooker smoked crack cocaine together and both got naked in the truck. Speeding along (and apparently distracted), he missed a curve and crashed into another car. He then gathered up his clothes and fled, leaving the naked hooker behind. He was arrested nearby.

Extra points: The judge, when presented with all this evidence, said Boppre had been doing better in rehab until this breach, and gave him only four months in jail after his guilty plea.

Double extra points: Boppre only had one month to go on his house arrest when he wigged out.

Triple extra points: "Flaming Relapse" sounds like a rock band.

Full story here.

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philbertosophy said...

This guy is my Michael Phelps. He most certainly has to be Canada's leader in the Degenerate Decathalon. Ankle bracelet+booze+truck+crack_prostitute+naked...and the final "sprint" for freedom...gold medal material, for sure.