A new Dick

I'm sure first-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has many fine qualities and a good future in politics. Sen. John McCain wouldn't pick her as his running mate just because of her gender; the Republicans would never be that transparent and cynical, right?

But Americans are sick and tired of Big Oil running this country and running away with huge profits while the rest of us have to choose between a fill-up and food. On that score, Palin looks like another Dick Cheney.

She supports drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, she is against a windfall profits tax on oil companies, and she opposes listing polar bears as a threatened species because it might interfere with oil exploration. Oh, and her husband works for an oil company.

Word is that Palin is also an enthusiastic hunter. A note to her friends: Skip the hunting trips. Remember that guy Cheney shot in the face?

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