Fish today?

Last night at Marketfest, I was in the beer line behind a young woman who had this tattoo on the back of her neck: "Carpi Diem."

It took all my willpower to resist tapping her on the shoulder and pointing out that the Latin phrase for "seize the day" is actually "Carpe Diem." None of my business what she wants permanently inked onto her neck, right? But still . . .

On the other hand, maybe she spelled it that way on purpose. "Carpi" is the plural for the bones in the wrist. Maybe she meant "Wrist the Day." I don't get it, but then I'm an old fogey with no tattoos at all.

What's the Latin for "Stop tattooing yourself until you learn to spell?"


Anonymous said...

How about "Carpe Dictionary"?

Anonymous said...

It looks as though her tattoo parlor didn't have a spell checker. When she is 40 the wrinkles and sag will cover it up.

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