Bad day in Munchkinland

The liquor license of a bar in Canton, IL, has been suspended for 60 days because two women wrestlers went topless during its recent midget wrestling event.

Kim Scott, owner of Outskirts Bar and Grill, said she was (conveniently) outside smoking when the two women removed their tops while wrestling in oil. As soon as she got inside, she put a stop to it.

But that wasn't good enough for the city liquor commission, which voted unanimously this week to suspend the license. City liquor ordinances prohibit nudity.

Mayor Kevin Meade said the action was "meant to send a message to other businesses in this town that this won't be tolerated."

No word on what other businesses might've been contemplating the addition of topless midget wrestling.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

These are a great bunch of little people. I'm sure the whole thing was an accident. the bar owner is getting a raw deal, it sounds like there is more politics going on than we all know.


Elizabeth said...

this bar has a supper club license only... it has been closed down and re-opened under different names (of the multiple co- owners) and can never seem to keep the business clean. they have been busted for selling drinks to minors habitually, the cops are always there breaking up fights, and they got in trouble just a few months ago for buying liqueur from other bars in town to get around the supper club license (they have to sell more food than booze). Canton is set up so there are a set amount of liquor licenses and although that really isn't fair to new businesses it's not right for them to outright ignore the laws. I personally dislike this bar because it all but killed the small bars downtown that have been there for decades in historic buildings. that and the owners are as shady as they come. this had nothing to do with the midget wrestling, which by the way I was told was going to be r-rated so the owner obviously knew and knew it was against city ordinance. this is about a restaurant that chose to ignore the law for the umpteen millionth time and got put in their place.