Bigfoot refuses to die

After the recent Bigfoot hoax, in which rubes from Georgia tried to foist a frozen Halloween costume on the gullible public, you'd think we'd be done with Sasquatch. But you'd be wrong.

In British Columbia, three different sightings of Bigfoot have been reported in the past month, including one in which a woman saw a big, hairy beast running into the forest on two legs. Story here.

In Jeanette, PA, between 300 and 500 Bigfoot enthusiasts are gathering this weekend for a conference, which includes visits to four spots in Pennsylvania where the giant ape-like creature has been sighted. Story here.

Come on, Northern California. Bigfoot is our invention, er, symbol. We can't let these other yahoos outdo us. Get out to the woods and sight something! I'll bring the ape suit.

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