Bird zapper

Somehow, an emu ended up running loose on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near New Stanton, PA. State police chased the bird around for two hours before finally "subduing" it with a stun gun.

The four-foot-tall Australian bird couldn't see a way off the turnpike because of five-foot-tall barriers on either side, police said. With traffic blocked, police tried several methods to catch the speedy bird, including a cowboy-style lasso, but it managed to evade them every time.

Finally, they zapped the poor bird with a stun gun and moved it to the side of the road. It died a short time later.

"I think what happened is after about two hours of running around on the roadway, it probably had a heart attack," said state police Sgt. Anthony DeLuca.

Or maybe it was the stun gun.

Full story here.

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