Cane fu

A 60-year-old man in Gateshead, England, fended off a sword-wielding wingnut by clocking him over the head with his walking stick.

David Fawcett said he was walking with two friends when they spotted a man urinating outdoors. When the woman in the group chided the pisser, he attacked the trio with a beer bottle, then said he was going to get his sword and would be back to kill them all.

They didn't take the threat seriously until the assailant showed up a few minutes later, samurai sword in hand, and chased them into a takeout restaurant. When the man tried to break down the door, Fawcett whammed him one with the walking stick. Police arrested the reeling man a short time later.

Full story here.

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clitav said...

Cheerio I Say! Must a been some "Chid" I Say! LOL
More "Cane" to 'em!