"Lonely Street" finally hits the big screen

I learned today that the world premiere of "Lonely Street," the movie based on my first novel, is scheduled for this weekend at the Boston Film Festival. Hurray!

The movie is to be shown in a prime slot on Sunday night. Director Peter Ettinger and actor/producer Kevin Chapman (who is from Boston) will be on hand to answer questions and meet/greet. No doubt they'll be hunting for distributors as well.

"Lonely Street" suffered a year's worth of delays in post-production, one damned thing after another, and I was beginning to worry that no one would ever see it. The independent film, which stars Jay Mohr, Robert Patrick and Joe Mantegna, is based on the first book in my Bubba Mabry private eye series.

Here's the link to the Boston Film Festival.


Erin said...

Fabulous news, Steve. Congratulations - hope it's a blockbuster!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Too bad it won't be shown locally. The Mt. Shasta Film Fest is next month!

Bill Crider said...

About time!

Kelly said...

Proud of you, proud of your story. Imagination is highly under-rated anymore. You've got it ALL going on. ~

doni said...

In our family we have a song especially for times like this:

"I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you, I'm VERY, VERY proud of YOU --Steve Allen Brewer!"

Really. xod

Michelle M-S said...

TERRIFIC, Steve! Many, many congratulations! I hope it makes its way to the West Coast! Michelle Martin Streeby