And the horse you rode in on

In Austin, TX, police arrest a woman for using her shoe to hit a mounted policeman and his horse.

The mounted officer was trying to break up a crowd outside the Bayou Lounge when the woman removed her shoe and hit the horse near its left eye. When the officer tried to wrest the shoe away, she whacked him in the face, too.

The 21-year-old woman has been charged with two felonies, including "interfering with a police service animal." That'll impress the other inmates.

Too bad the horse couldn't remove its shoe and hit her back. Clang. That's a ringer.


Simply Lou said...

Speaking of hooves and assaults, what's the deal with your toe?

You're supposed to test the waters with your toe, not use it as a weapon (metatarsal o' death?).

You'd think a writer could keep his cliches in order.

Rest up, recover & stay out of the smoke.


Let me explain it mathematically:

Bare feet + natural klutziness + heavy rolled-up rug = limp.

I applied ice and cliches and am recuperating nicely.