News to me

For all you Home Front readers in Redding, CA: The Record-Searchlight announced today that my column is moving from Sundays to Fridays. First I'd heard of it.

The announcement was in a house ad on A-12 that outlined many changes in the local paper. I'm sure there will be the usual reader backlash toward losing daily stock listings, etc. Probably few readers will object to the moving of my "popular" column, but there is a smaller readership on Fridays, so I'm kind of disappointed. Mostly, I was surprised because no one at the paper alerted me this was coming. Seems like common courtesy.

For those of you around the country who read Home Front online, you can still find the latest column at http://www.redding.com/ in the Features section. For now. As far as I know. Nobody tells me anything.


Erin said...

It does seem like a popular comumnist should have had a heads-up about such a dramatic move. Subscribers will, at least, have something to look forward to in Friday's paper.

I also didn't see any mention of the DATE section - wonder if the local arts scene is being abandoned completely?
Thank goodness for cyberspace and freelance journalists.

Hal Johnson said...

Just what the hell is going on at our illustrious newspaper, anyway? Most of the writers I liked best are gone.

Nevermind, I'm in a "ignorance is bliss" state of mind. It seldom pays to try to understand the minds of The Suits.