The language of Calabama

While putting gas in my minivan, I note the nearest car, which is a banged-up piece of crap last cleaned around 1983. The driver's a tattooed goober in a gimme cap. His obese wife lethargically chews gum as if it were cud. Beanie Babies fill the rear windshield.

Their bumper sticker: "We speak English in this country -- Learn It or Leave!"

Take me with you when you go, por favor.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Now there's the beginning of a story.

~ kjb said...

Y yo tambien, si tu quieres. Que feo.

GrammaLyn said...

What's a "gimme cap"? I'm way behind the times, I guess.


Hi grammalyn:

A gimme cap is a baseball cap, usually with a corporate logo on the front. Given away for free, hence "gimme."


Grammalyn said...

Thanks, Steve. At least I knew what a wife beater shirt was - LOL