Hey, boo-boo

A runaway bear broke through the glass doors of a Circuit City in Colorado Springs, CO, but a second set of doors stymied his attempt to go shopping for electronics.

The bear had been up a tree in a nearby residential area, but authorities used a firehose to knock him off his perch. The bear fled to Circuit City, where security video captured him crashing through the glass doors. The bear "head-butted" the second set of doors and pawed at them, but only managed to make a few cracks before fleeing again.

The bear was last seen trotting toward Best Buy.

Real story here.

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Terry Craig said...

No, I don't suffer from the Bambi syndrome, but my heart goes out to the poor bear. He must have been disoriented after falling out of the tree from the firehose attack, trying to find a cave to hide in, and finding an invisible blockade that shattered all over him when he tried to go in. I'm sure he did not intentionally "head-butt" the glass as a raging bull would have done. Thanks, BooBoo. We had a good laugh at your expense.