Tasted like chicken

Everyone knows the old adage: Don't hit a drunk with a shovel, or he'll bite off your nose to spite your face.

Apparently, Matthew Osing forgot that advice while drinking with his buddy Donroy Merrival last week in Iowa City, IA. The men got into a fight and Merrival bit off Osing's nose, police say.

Osing said of his pal, "He's a heavy drinker and sometimes when he drinks he changes and gets real nasty." When he saw such a werewolf-like transformation taking place, Osing picked up a shovel and whammed Merrival. Merrival responded by pouncing on Osing and biting off his nose and part of his upper lip.

Extra points: The nose was not recovered. Osing said "my dogs might've eaten it."

Full story here.

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