This is your captain, Darth Vader

Virgin Galactic today unveiled the "mothership" of its private space flight program, a four-engine plane with room in the middle where the spacecraft will fit. The craft, called White Knight Two, will undergo test flights this fall.

The idea is that the mothership will propel the spacecraft beyond the atmosphere, allowing private citizens to visit space. Though no launch dates have been set yet, more than 250 people already have paid $200,000 or put down a deposit for future flights.

No word on whether they'll get in-flight peanuts or pretzels. Cocktails will be $4. Correct change is appreciated.

Full story out of Mojave, CA, here.

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Judy S said...

I want to be the first in line when they lower the price. I saw a Science Channel program on the first astronauts,. It made me proud all over again. We need a Manhatten Project on alternative energy too. I want our "Can Do" spirit Back. Beam me up, and I will have the correct change.